Comprehensive Sheltering System

Recovery Huts
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Recovery Huts are designed for

Emergency Staging Through Transitional To Long-Term Resettlement

As the world’s climate changes and natural and man-made disasters increase in frequency, versatile, quick-to-deploy emergency shelters will mean the difference between life and death for displaced populations.

Recovery Huts are used for

Disaster Relief, Refugee Camps, Transitional Housing, Homeless and First Responders

Recovery Huts can also be used for:

  • Prison Overflow Housing
  • Health Isolation
  • Farm Worker Housing
  • Homeland Security Shelters

Recovery Huts SErvices

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Power, water and sewer

recovery huts

Made For Easy Installs

Made from ‘string shot’ polyester shell technology, our simplest shelter is based on four, 60lb stackable sections for efficient manufacture, transport, storage, handling and rapid 30 minute, one person setup.


String Shot Polyester Composite Shell.


Each section wieghs only 60 pounds.


Sections are stackable to save space while shipping.


Made to last for years with easy take-down and setup.

From Our Founder

Our Non-Profit Mission

Our intent is to advance the level of humanitarian service performance to cover a full range from slum-shack and diaster relief through a prolonged transitional period of physical and emotional adjustment to when those displaced from their original homesteads can shift their attention to resettlement strategies in familiar or newly assigned locations.


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